Error 0x8007000d in Update

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Good morning, I have a problem with Windows Update, this is because I have been trying multiple solutions for 3 weeks and I can't get anything. The error occurs in the update (KB5023706) and said error has the name: 0x8007000d. I tried various commands in cmd like scannow, DISM, .bat files, manual updates, etc.

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Really hoping someone can figure this out, i also have the exzact same problem and also have tried everything other than doing a fresh windows install.
Try performing repair upgrade using this community guide, see if it helps:


Very often this error is caused by an antivirus that blocks the update - it is worth analyzing.

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I would like to believe that it is not because of Defender, since I do not have third-party antivirus. anyway i thank you.


this update modernizes Windows security, so look for other applications that have the highest privileges - this too may be the cause of the problem, - because they do not allow you to complete the update process