Edge cause Windows Insider build to crash

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Hi Everyone, 


I was watching a video on Edge on the latest version of the browser and Windows 11 dev. It seems that for some reason after watching video, stopping it, turning of computer and turning it back on. Causes the Green Screen of Death. The crash screen, error code was something like Dam_Watchdog_timeout I think.

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I can practically replicate mine on queue.
If I leave my PC on but close the lid and leave the Dock connected then when I come back in the morning and lift the lid, as Windows hello starts to map my face it pauses for about 10 seconds then goes into GSOD DAM_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT.

It almost certainly happens every update. Installed the last three patches. Allow my PC to reboot to complete the Patch then following the aforementioned process the following morning GSOD.

BlueScreenView offers the same info as the screen dump.
You're using dev build so dev builds usually have bugs I suggest to report this issue in feedback hub then Microsoft acknowledge your issue and fix this bug as possible in upcoming windows builds.