Downloading Windows 10 ARM Preview

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I can't download the Windows 10 ARM Preview. I am a registered insider. When I get to this page it says I need to sign in--but I believe I am signed in.

I'm thinking the problem may be that I do not have any version of Windows, and so no license? (I'm trying to install this on a MacBook Air in Parallels). If so, should I purchase a license?

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Not sure if it's supported on Mac but when I can download it from that link, here:

That worked!!!  Thank you ever so, so much!



You're welcome, please mark it as answer if that helped :)

I would be glad to, but don't see an obvious way to do so. Can you tell me how?



You've already done it, thanks



I can not download the vdx file. Please advise.

Hi. Is it possible to get an updated link?
Much appreciated and thank you for the help
Hi. The link gives me a 403-Forbidden page. Is there an updated link for downloading Win10 ARM?
There is not a Window 10 ARM Preview available for download. The Windows 11 on ARM Preview vhdx file can be downloaded from


@Eddie Leonard 


Hello, would it be possible to download a version of Windows 10 ARM at this stage? Everything is about Windows 11; it appears; however, I have a Windows 10 license, so I would instead use it. I appreciate any help you can provide.


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Bogdan Ciocoiu

No. The Windows on ARM Preview is Windows 11.

Thanks @Eddie Leonard, where could I download the version of Windows 10, which was made available a few months ago? Surely there must be an image somewhere.


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Bogdan Ciocoiu

We don't have one available for download. Official ISOs for ARM are on
Thanks for the swift reply. Who would be best to contact? I find it sub-standard that Microsoft deleted operational Windows 10 ARM images after releasing Windows 11. There's the other argument as well that Windows 10 should benefit from support from Microsoft for the following so-many-years. Instead, Microsoft is deleting work products already produced and made operational under the Windows 10 umbrella. I tried to call Windows Tech Support. However, I was redirected to Do we have any contact phone numbers I could try?
There are no numbers to call. The Windows 10 on ARM images were preview builds, not retail releases. The current images provided on the link I gave you, are our only official ones publicly available.

I see, thank you.

@HotCakeX the link for the Windows10_InsiderPreview_Client_ARM64_en-us_21354.VHDX file is not available anywhere. Please if you have the downloaded file can you please upload it on google drive and send a link, much better than downloading from shady sites. Thanks!

@CS1117 , I have used Windows 10 ARM insider preview and recently upgrade to Windows 11 Pro. However, what I noticed in the migration after backing up my contents in Windows 10 ARM (mounted on Parallels VM) to an external HD, and when I mount the external drive  on Windows Pro 11, the external HD is locked. Upon unlocking I am shown the message "The BitLocker encryption on this drive is not compatible with your version of Windows. Please try to open the drive with a newer version of Windows"

How do I recover contents of my external drive. Pls advice and there was not BitLocker setup in Windows 10 ARM. if I need to follow the message, how do I get Windows 10 ARM insider version to restore my external HD drive.

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