download error - 0x80248007 2022-04 Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)

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Dear all,


I am running Win11 since month and generally it is fine.

Since around 2 month now my laptop won't update WIN11 anymore.

All packages show download errors -- 

Download error - 0x80070002

and lately for the newest package 2022-04 Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)

Download error - 0x80248007


I have tried several fixes...running CMD etc etc but it won't work (actually no real errors appeared...don't remember now all details....).

I have also deleted this folder in WIN (don't recall now the name) but then I could hardly start my laptop I don't want to do it again...


So to be honest I am no techy and I just want the system to run....I am almost now thinking of swithing back to MAC as there I never had similar issues...


Anyone can help ?



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I am experiencing similar issue of every attempt to download update fails.  Download error - 0x800f0805 is code received for both the (KB4023057) and  (KB5012592) critical updates.  We cant be the only ones..... @BorisD2 


I do think so...but it looks like we are not getting overwhelmed with support here...

@ridvansener and @BorisD2,

Ended up connecting with support through chat at After tech ran me through the usuals, ultimately ended up having to do a Window 11 system update from link he sent me.   Similar to a major update, but once complete, all updated and updating...  Not sure if only option, but went pretty quick.  Good luck


allrighty....then I probably also need to contact the folks there...

I am a bit disappointed that the system cannot correct that by itself....I never had that with MAC within years...

But thanks for the hint !

I've only had Windows 11 for a week & the "2022-04 Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057)" will not download, the error message "Download error - 0x80248007" is shown. I have a MECER laptop, so I'm thinking maybe this update isn't available to me because of compatibility issues. But I was able to get Windows 11 in the first place, so wouldn't further Windows 11 updates be compatible?
I was finally talking to 4 guys...and they said I should re-install the whole stuff....great...


with a new Microsoft Surface 8 Pro I have the same Problem!

Please Help!

Hi BorisD2 , According to me this is an issue based on the hardware you use , i think my guessing is right , is your computer bought from apple company ? and replaced with windows os? . well there are difference between an windows computer and mac computer , mac`s chip is only designed to run only mac OS not other OSES , So i recommend you to try flashing your default firmware , Hope that helps.


ich kann das KB5015814 und das KB5015882 nicht installieren, Fehlermeldung 0x80073712.

Das mit einem Surface 8 Pro!

ich versuche es (und alles) alle drei Tage von Neuem und gehe auch über die Problembehandlung!

aber nichts hilft.

Für Hilfe danke ich!

@Ueli_RenzUeli Hi , If this issue still occurs , just try resetting the pc

"Just try" ist so einfach gesagt und nachher dauert es so lange, bis alles wieder installiert ist. Das stinkt mir gewaltig, dass ich das mit einem neuen MS PC wegen Win11 Update machen sollte.

no @JoshuaMicrosoft 

It's a Lenovo PC and installation of MS11 worked and first updates it seems the HW is not compatible (that was mentioned by one guy in the MS support...but the laptop isn't that old...I have another older one which just works fine with MS11...) -- I guess some bits and pieces were not installed/downloaded properly...

They also recommended a complete new installation... which I am not really fancying doing....

Why Apple OS never had those issues but MS?!


Not sure what I should do...

I've been experiencing this same issue since February. I "upgraded" to windows 11, did 1 follow-up update in FEB, then haven't been able to update since. Since then my laptop has compounded several more issues. After spending hours and hours and hours troubleshooting, I got nowhere. In fact, I probably made things worse thanks to microsofts amazing system for troubleshooting; which is, google it yourself and/or open the command prompt. How ridiculous to require your average users to ever use the cmd prompt.

Today, magically, my update went through.

SOLUTION: Sit on your hands and wait for microsoft to tweak some unknown error. So glad I switched back to mac as my daily driver. My Windows pc has been relegated to video streaming only and yet has managed to eat up 100x more of my time troubleshooting compared to my mac.