Dev Mode. Phone Link. Iphone

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hello im wondering a couple of things, I switched to Windows insider beta Wanting to try phone link with Iphone and i didnt know it came with as many risks, but i did it on release mode and sense that didnt work i switched to beta mode, now I still dont have phone link iphone and Im stuck in dev mode, and i think it says i have to erase my windows to switch it again basically?

anyway, i just would like how to get phone link, as i am a windows insider. How do I do that? and if there anyway I can switch back to Beta mode (or release) without erasing my files?

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Hello, I was having the same issue with Phone link, Microsoft support did not help me at all. However if you are still wanting to leave Windows Insider, go to the insider settings, click stop getting preview builds, then check unenroll this device when the next version of windows releases. This will not be immediate and it will save your data but you will not be removed until windows has another update.