ctrl+shift not working together

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I am running windows 11 21H2 and suddenly I am not able to use the left shift+ctrl together. Tried changing language settings typing methods as well. Some issues I am facing are:

- Unable to inspect element using ctrl+shift+i / open incognito using ctrl+shift+n, etc.

- Unable to select multiple cells or words/use shortcuts in office tools and in Google tools like sheets, docs, etc.

Note: Individual ctrl and shift keys work perfectly fine and the issue is only with the left side ctrl and shifts. Right side ones work fine (even together).

Current windows specs:

Edition Windows 11 Home Single Language
Version 21H2
Installed on ‎30-‎06-‎2021
OS build 22000.176
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.176.0

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@Souvik17 I am facing the same issue, left ctrl and shift are not working together, however, the right ctrl and shift work fine. I am also using Windows 11 home edition.

I am experiencing the same problem as well, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the current keyboard driver but that didn't work. I operate a windows 10 pro.@Souvik17 

I faced the same issue, but combining left ctrl + right shift worked for me.
Does anyone can solve this problem?
Does Winkey + Space works?

For me specifically, left ctrl and shift not working together only seems to only happen if I plug my keyboard in the "keyboard" usb port of my kvm. Plugging my keyboard in one of the "generic" usb ports of the kvm (or directly in the computer usb ports) works fine.


I had the same problem but I was able to fix this by turning off shortcuts in AMD driver software.

@Souvik17 For me the problem only happens due to KVM, since it uses the Left Shift and Ctrl keys for switching between computers. What works for me, instead, is using the Right Ctrl + the Left Shift + whatever key completes the default shortcut I'm trying to use.

I appreciate that tip (windows key + space bar) as my accents have been stuck on and I need an international keyboard. 



Please note that I have found a fix for this issue and feel that this thread should be updated. So as to not have people continue to be misled. Please review this web link to Microsoft Teams Support Page - Review the Keyboard Shortcuts and note that the key combo for CTRL + SHIFT + Spacebar has been remapped in the latest version of Microsoft Teams - { https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/keyboard-shortcuts-for-microsoft-teams-2e8e2a70-e8d8-4a19... } That an End User needs to Turn OFF their Microsoft Teams inside of the Application's settings or locate the running Process in the Windows Device Manager. I hope that this will be helpful for people in the future. -Brian



Has anyone found an actual solution to this problem yet? It's happening to me too when I use ctrl + left shift on ANY of my apps or even websites. It's becoming very frustrating

Thanks everyone for this information. A very similar problem to this just surfaced for me.

  Ctrl+Shift+LeftArrow (or Right Arrow) stopped working for me

- occurred suddenly with no new hardware/software installed

- Sticky Keys option wasn't enabled on my computer

- Ctrl and Shift and the Arrow keys all work fine separately

- Ctrl+Shift with other keys works fine!  eg in Chrome Ctrl+Shift+I opens up developer mode
- still fails whether Ctrl+Shift+Arrows used on left or right side of keyboard
- still fails on the keyboard attached to my Surface Pro or external fob logitech keyboard

- still fails with my AutoHotKey app suspended (made no recent changes in any case)

It seems like Ctrl+Shift+Arrows now maps to something else that doesn't do anything visible. I only use Ctrl+Shift+Arrows to select words in text in Windows editors but my hands can't stop using it.  :(  Any ideas would be great appreciated.   Tom


I had an issue identical to or closely similar to the one mentioned in this thread: I couldn't use ctrl + shift + arrow keys to quickly move through and simultaneously select text. I use this a lot in word processing, so it was definitely a problem.


In my case, the issue was that I had set this same combination as a keyboard shortcut in Winamp. Winamp was over-riding the default Windows shortcut. So, by changing my winamp shortcut, the default shortcut has been restored.


Obviously, if you use winamp, you will want to check this. But even if you don't, consider if you have any programs that employ these kind of custom keyboard shorcuts.

I hope this is helpful to some folks.

@Staplesen, you made my day.  :)  Thank you.


I found what was eating my Shift+Ctrl+Arrows.  It was a Chrome extension called Video Speed Control. It uses Shift+Ctrl+Arrows to increase/decrease videos playing in Chrome. .  LOL I was wondering why the speed was usually set very fast, like 4x.


I didn't see an option in the extension to change or disable it, but will let them know they picked a very common Windows keyboard shortcut. Perhaps they can allow changing it, or actioning it only when there is video in focus and playing.


Thanks again. 







@tomgibson365 in my case it was the extension "Keyboard & Mouse for Xbox xCloud"

@OneMustFall2097Fan Thank you for this! I had the "Keyboard & Mouse for Xbox xCloud" extension as well and that was the solution for me. This has been driving me crazy while I try to work on papers for an MBA. Just used control shift to edit this post!