Core Areas of Functionality broken in Build 17046!

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Normally I really try and take the long view on any given build. Little problems, or even a few "medium" sized hiccups or bugs- OK it's part of the process. I try and report what I see, and figure it's all for the greater good. But the last two builds, this one especially, are so unbelievably broken it's hard to get my head around it! These are issues that are getting into core functionality, and really, if that's the territory you felt important to delve into, which is inherently risky for us as users, could you not give us a heads up? 

Like maybe an announcement to the effect of: "OK, we know things have been stable and working really well for a while now, but in the next couple of builds things are going back to Square One for a bit- including basic hardware systems. So maybe you might want to skip a few unless you are up for jumping into dangerous waters." 


  1. Let's start with the last build when suddenly my pair of Dynamically paired SSD hard drives suddenly showed up as... well, gone! Thankfully I had them backed up, and that they were sort of secondary data storage anyway but WTF guys?! And oh yeah, no mention of this as an "issue" until a couple of weeks later with the new build, where it was acknowledged? Again, thanks for that, because by then I'd already had to separate them out and reformat them.
  2. Tablet devices (like Wacom tablets) suddenly just can't load any driver. On top that, it won't allow me to reinstall the drivers either. Again- how after so many Win10 versions can such basic hardware stuff be an issue anymore? But wait!...
  3. Even better than the tablet issue is that my graphics subsystem is experiencing major and regular problems now. I've got a high-end card that I use for my daily professional work and now it's all over the place in terms of performance and stability. Screen freezes all the time, other weird glitches, and when I am running a 3D application (not game but professional software) suddenly even simple work maxes out the GPU and it sucks up all 6GB of VRAM. I've never even seen it get close to using all the cards memory no matter what I was doing, and this was work that was lightweight in nature.
  4. To top off the above graphics card problems, like the Wacom hardware issue, I can't install/reinstall a new graphics driver anymore. I click the file, I get "wait" icon and then... nothing. Nothing appears in the Task List  not even a hung app, just...
  5. Last but not least going into Sleep Mode is a hit or miss thing these days, with a 50/50 chance it'll hang the system and I have to perform a hard shutdown, which yeah, that's always really good for your PC.

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