Controlled folder access on build 19041


After enabling Controlled folder access in build 19041, I'm getting these notifications regularly






I can't tell why those top 3 blocked processes are blocked since they are system files and why it happens so regularly.

I've added my entire OneDrive drive to be protected by controlled folder access

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@HotCakeX I find CFA way to rigid.I don't want to spend a lot of time to fine file paths to let obviously clear apps, like xbox, through CFA. Sometimes it feels like they've lost the common user perspective. I'm my friends nerd, and same has happened to them, and they don't understand how it can be ok to switch it off.

If MS rely only on feedback from insiders, we're still nerds, some more than others, but nerds. In my opinion it's way too many advanced features open in WIN 10, which in fact should be hidden. Approx a year ago a friend of mine called hysterical. Her computer was broken, everything was wrong, nothing worked, and she had a veryi mportant presentation the day after. 


It wasn't, it turned out she had read an article, and had found event log :face_with_tears_of_joy: I can understand why she freaked out. "Critical" "Error" "Warning" and tens of thousands of them. Not a feature that should be so easy to access, my opinion anyway. 

On the other hand performance, which is easy to understand, informative and can be very useful you have to look for in the old CP. I really don't understand the logic behind it all sometimes.

Well if those people find Windows 10 to be too tech savvy then what they would say to Linux lol

@HotCakeX , he he that's true, and maybe the reason why Linux is a marginally OS? ;)

Yeah, mostly server OS :)