cant leave windows 11 insider program

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i cannot leave the insider program. Im in windows 11 beta channel right now. If i try to leave the proramm by settings -> windows update -> windows insider program i have two options. I should be able to choose to leave the program with the next windows release, but this option is blurred out and i can not interact with it. The other option is the link at the bottom, which redirects me to a microsoft website. After logging in, it also tells me i can not leave the program now because my mail adress isnt registered. But u dont have another mail adress.

I already contacted the support about that, the case number is 7034906605.

We tried to create a new user and leave the program by this, but it also didnt work.

I also did a windows reinstall with keeping my personal files and data.

I would like to get around this issue without having to completely reinstall my windows because its a long process.

Is there any way you can get my PC out of the beta insider program please?



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Windows build number installed?

@A1 its Version 23H2 Build 22631.3007


Releasing Windows 11 Builds 22621.3078 and 22631.3078 to the Release Preview Channel | Windows Insid...

This is the RP version, so the stable version of Windows11 23H2

That's why the switches are off, it's not a Beta channel!

It seems like you've left Windows Insider before:)  Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn 






but i got 22631.3007, it is not listed there. Also in my settings app it says in yellow at the top "this pc is signed up for windows insider preview builds". Also, it has to install updates at least every two days. That wouldnt be there if i got a full version or if i already would have left the program.

@jns1807  To make sure all Insider settings are removed, analyze this step below, other attempts to fix this problem are a waste of time.

 Windows 11 Clean Installation (