cant join insider program, optional diagnostic data will not turn on

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windows 11 version 21H2 (os build 22000.376) all updates applied

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Hi, Yes enabling the transmission of optional diagnostic data in the privacy settings is necessary, please see this discussion:

 I cant turn on optional Diagnostic data - Microsoft Tech Community

thanks but I already went through that process. It talks about optional diagnostic data having multiple selections. My windows 11 selection shows only on or off. If I set on, and leave the diagnostic data settings it is returned to off and I cannot continue to start the insider program.


After changing the settings you need to restart the system, I have a question if you have a third-party antivirus?

I did restart but the No that the system returned to remained. I have only windows defender on this machine.
I will not be doing a clean install. This is a newly purchased notebook that came with windows 11 and all drivers including 5g cellular. I then used a purchased utility that transferred all programs, licenses, settings, from the c drive partition of a disk taken from my previous main computer that had just failed. That process saved me about 5 days of work. I am anxious to load android apps as this new notebook acts like a large cell phone.


In that case, it may not be possible to configure the Insider program - the manufacturer's software blocks it - this is my private opinion.

I was suspicious but hoping that if that was the case I could get guidance on where/how they might do that. I appreciate your effort.


I propose to run the Insider program on another computer that meets the requirements for Windows11.

It is not recommended to use the productive version of the Insider program!

After cloning, you won't install the Insiderr version either

Good luck