Cannot download any Insider Builds

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I'm always greeted with this error:


We encountered a problem with your request. Please visit Microsoft Support Contact Us page for assistance. Refer to Message Code 715-123130 and Transaction ID 3dedcf11-cc84-4ddc-8586-4494496ceeea.


I have tried three different web browsers and two different ISPs.


Asked earlier here:


What can I do?

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Are you using a VPN or Proxy?
It might be a temporary issue and try again later.



Tried with or without VPN - no difference. Relogged in both times just to make sure my login wasn't counted towards being a VPN user.

Also having the same problem. Support says they cannot help because it is an Insider build which they "do not support" and give a link here. Useless. "Keep trying" is the real answer here.

Searching for this Message Code 715-123130 shows that this is a problem that has existed for a really long time without a solution. They're not fixing it.

Hi @Shy_Anonymous 

I think that first it is necessary to clarify whether this computer has been in the Insider program for a long time? 

Could you have downloaded the ISO from the Insider Program before?

Did you perform a clean installation of Windows before running the Insider Program on your computer?

What Insider channel are you in?




It might be a temporary issue, so try again later.
Are you login with the same account as the one you are using for the Windows Insider?
I'm downloading the ISO using the web browser. Why does it matter if my PC was on the insider program before?? I only run preview builds in the VM.

Yes, I did test preview builds of Windows 10.
It's September, 17th and I'm still getting this error.

How much is it "temporary"??
Yeah, it feels like Microsoft doesn't give a **bleep**.

This error has been known for years now - some people cannot download anything and no one does anything to resolve it.
You should know that when you are running insider builds unexpected errors and issue might happen and the purpose of the Windows Insider is to test and report them and the Windows team will review them, but it might take some time.
You may perform a Clean Install, if the problem persists?