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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Canary channel issues

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I started to get a message on my desktop monitor soon after booting up that showed "This build of windows will expire soon, Your build of windows will expire on 15-09-2023. You should move to a new build as soon as possible. Go online for more information. So i thought of fixing the issue, but i was already on the dev channel and all I could do is to switch to canary channel without losing my installed software or apps or I can do a clean install and roll back to beta channel, so I switched to canary channel and I got updates to download and I installed and after the restart I no more got that expiry message but I noticed a major issue that my 2nd monitor looked so dull and kinda some black filter applied to the screen. I tried all the methods to fix the issue like display colour adjustments,HDR calibrations you name it I did all but none fixed the issue, my primary monitor looks just perfect but my 2nd monitor only has this issue. 

One more issue seem to be there with my system after the update from dev channel to canary channel, that the desktop icons reset their position no matter where i place them over, after the restart they will be back to fully arranged on my primary monitor.

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i have the exact same as your problem now but not in the monitor issue, i have the network issue, it cannot connect to any of the network, even the internet, the network connection details are blank and even I performed the network reset, I still could not fix it.


just need to roll back to dev channel which seem to be most reliable with all new windows features in advance. I loved the file details tab or section in file explorer, which shows file information just by selecting any file with a single click on them without need to click on properties in canary channel but stability issues in canary channel seems bad. So rolling back to beta or dev channel now.

Canary channel also resets desktop configuration and wallpaper everytime i restart my PC that too weird.

but the problem can I rolled back to beta or dev without losing the data in canary?
Are you referring to the date you have added to the computer after you went to canary?

or are you referring how to get back to the Windows Before Canary?

You should back up your files to OneDrive or other storage providers then roll back in the Windows Update Settings -->Advanced Options -->Roll Back :)