Can’t revert to normal version of Windows after joining Windows Insider Program

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I am writing to express my concern about the challenges I've encountered while attempting to return to the stable version of Windows after participating in the Windows Insider Program Beta.

Issue Details:
Recently, I made the decision to join the Windows Insider Program Beta to explore new features and contribute feedback. However, I have faced significant difficulties in trying to revert to the stable version of Windows.

1. After opting to join the Windows Insider Program Beta, I diligently followed the recommended steps to leave the program. To my disappointment, this process did not result in an automatic transition back to the stable version, as I had expected.

2. Upon performing a manual restart, I noticed that the process took an unusually long time. Yet, I still found myself trapped in the Beta version. Furthermore, essential options, such as the ability to switch to other channels (Dev, Canary, Release Preview), and the option to "Unroll this device when the next version of Windows is released," were all inexplicably disabled.

3. In my pursuit of a solution, I decided to add another user account, using a different email address that had not been registered at the time of my initial switch to the Beta version. My hope was that by doing so, I could successfully leave the Windows Insider Program. However, when I attempted to use this newly added user account and navigated to "Settings" > "Updates" > "Windows Insider Program," I encountered the same frustrating message: "This email address is not registered as a Windows Insider."

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Request for Assistance:
I am reaching out to the Windows Insider Program Community with the sincere hope of finding a resolution to this perplexing issue. My primary objective is to revert to the stable version of Windows without losing any of my data or compromising the integrity of my system.

Your assistance and guidance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Warm regards,
Anand Avnish

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Unfortunately, deregistering a computer from insider - it's just waiting for an update of the stable version of Windows - sometimes it's many months, waiting, such a possibility is only in the Beta channel - immediate exit to the stable version of Windows11 - it's a clean installation

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn


I'd like to wait for the next upcoming update to automatically switch to the stable version. However, I have some concerns about potential risks associated with heavy use. I've noticed that when I open software like Microsoft Edge or File Explorer, the CPU and Memory usage spikes to their maximum levels (100%).

My specific concern is whether this high usage poses any risk of motherboard failure or short-circuiting. I want to ensure the safety and longevity of my computer system. Can you provide insights into whether these usage patterns could potentially lead to hardware issues, and if so, what precautions I should take to mitigate them?



Outside of hours of active computer use - do not turn off the power, leave it asleep so that the system performs proper maintenance, then let me know if it works.

@A1-A1 Do you have any idea when the new update will roll out for all Windows users, in which my system will auto-switch, by Microsoft?


I don't know the exact date, but the annual feature update for the stable version of Windows11 will be in October.

hey there is new update goanna role out in last week of September. I updated my laptop now I'm still in beta version of insider program. What should I do now .?


Yes , but it was not yet official 23H2 , please keep waiting , if in November 2023 you will be in Beta then you will [probably] need a clean installation of windows.