Can't join insider program

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I have a modern PC that passes the PC Health Check app no problem.  tpm.msc is happy with the tpm version.


Whenever I go to the insider settings, it won't let me do anything because my pc 'doesn't meet hw requirements"  I can't sign up for any channel or do anything at all to get the insider build (I want to run android apps).


Spec: 5950X, 32GB, 2TB SSD, 2080ti, tpm 2.0.  There is nothing about this hardware that should fail any check and the PC health check confirms.


What's also frustrating is I can't get any detail on what part of the HW check it is failing on.


I spent hours and hours, going through 3 tiers of support, and got nothing.  Only thing they said was to ask here.  I'm really hoping I can get some info on this.  


This is an absolutely from scratch windows 11 install.  This machine has never seen windows 10.  I'm on edition Windows 11 Pro, version 21H2 installed 10/13/2021, build 22000.318, windows feature experience pack 1000.22000.318.0


Anything I can do?  Any more info I can provide?


I have been in the insiders program with Windows 10 on another machine (green screen of death vs blue)


please help.



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Have you tried to perform a clean installation of the Insider version?
However, remember that the disk will be formatted and personal files will be deleted - make copies.

Update - this is resolved. 2 hours of support (that yielded nothing). I think it may be because I defaulted the bios and forgot to re-set ftpm. But why didn’t my consumer win 11 not say anything? It only does the check when installing the OS?

And I understand flighting. Not my first goat rodeo. My pc wasn’t showing any options to join channels. It had a single red box saying my hw didn’t meet spec.

However - PC health check app also said things were happy (when the tpm was at 1.2)

I guess what I really wanted is to look at some logs to show what caused the error (which check). I couldn’t find anything in event viewer, at all.

Where could I have looked? Since pc health check didn’t complain (while still in 1.2 tpm) I thought the tpm was fine. But if I had a log that said ‘failed tpm check’ that would have jogged my memory or at least pointed me in the right direction.

Thanks for the input.

P.s.a. Don’t forget your tpm setting when you default the bios. :)
That wouldn’t have been an option for me. Too late in the build process to smoke everything. I was desperately trying to avoid that.


For me, looking for a solution in the error logs is a waste of time, so I suggested a clean installation right away - because it removes the computer manufacturer's programs and other unnecessary software .

When joining the Insider program, you always have to take into account that you will have to perform a clean installation of Windows - this is obvious.

If updating in place for some reason is not possible, then I do not see any other possibility.

Of course, if you find another solution - then publish