Can not Turn on Memory security due to incompatible Drivers, Logitech and Western Digital Technologi

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I open Device Manager and there are no Devices named Logitech or Western Digital Technologies.

May Hard drive is a Western Digital.


The offending Drivers are

lvbft64.sys Published Name oem72.inf Device Type USB controller

lvrs64.sys Published Name oem49.inf Device Type: Sound, Video, and Game Controllers

lvuvc64.sys Published Name oem16.inf Device Type Imaging Device

wdcsam64_prewin8.sys Published Name oem39.inf Driver Type WD Driver Management Devices

lvbflt64.sys Published name Logitech Webcam Software (Not listed in Device Manager)


Are there different drivers that I can use?


These are all default drivers from Microsoft as this is a fresh install of Windows. I had an issue that was caused an error from MS Build, that I was trouble shooting, It was causing Unity to crash on me, I thought that it may have been one of the SDK's that I had installed causing the issue during the trouble shooting process I had uninstalled anything that I could find that interfaced with Ms-build trying to find the corrupt, to find out after submitting a bug report to Unity it was a Windows issue with the particular Build version I had, which was fixed in an Update Windows Build.

Since I had other things Installed and Manually Uninstalled things to do with that had to do with MSBuild, i.e. C++ redistribute, Diffrent .Net SDK I decided that a fresh build was in order in order to make sure any installed software that I use correctly.

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Same here, just with the Logitech .sys drivers

Make sure your drive is properly mounted. And that If you are installing a new drive make sure you for-mate it not clean before you install in to new system.

move these to a usb and turn the feature on. Then put back drivers. You can safely delete pre win 8 driver as it is no longer used.