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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Build 21313 Major problems

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I am not sure if anybody else has experienced this. I use windows insider preview on four of my machines. Two desktops and two laptops. Not one, not two but all 4 of them have basically bricked on me. Whenever I login it just keeps flashing from a white screen to the desktops (with no icons on the desktop). It appears that my only option is to reset all of them and reinstall windows, which I absolutely don’t feel like doing!
Has anybody else experienced this? I put it out on the windows insiders hub and I have received no responses. Being that I have experienced this on four separate computers of all different makes and configurations, I can’t believe nobody else has experienced it. Am I completely hosed on this and need to reinstall windows or does somebody have a workaround? Thank you thank you to anybody who can give me some insight!
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I only use it on my main everyday machine and I didn't experience that behavior when I was on build Dev 21313.
right now the latest one is 21322 which I'm on, you could try updating it to see if it gets fixed but if not then I think a reset like you said is a great option, specially reset from the cloud :)



Thanks for the response. Yes, I thought the same thing but I can't even get to the update page. The machines have become completely unbootable. I'm going to try making a bootable usb and see if I can rescue one. The reset process, as you know, is really time consuming. We'll see. I'll get back on and advise what happened. I have been running Insider Builds for s few years with pretty much no problems. Guess I've made up for lost time!

Yeah I've been using insider builds for a long time too, in my experience some problems just don't get fixed by updating to the newer build and only a clean install takes care of them, that's why I reset or clean install regularly.
the only part of reset process which is time consuming (if you're on SSD) i think is after the actual reset operation, where you have to reinstall your programs :)
Thanks. That’s what I’m doing. Indeed it’s all the app installs that are so time consuming. Oh well, I’ll get through it!
Thanks for your advice. Stay safe.
Thanks you too :)
Much the same here, and it's becoming more of a problem with the releases. I've reverted back to a previous build using restart and shift key and the advanced options.