Bluetooth adapter disconnected immediately after pairing

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My Bluetooth dongle gets disconnected immediately after my headphones successfully pair with it. I cannot get the phones to connect, I just hear 'pairing' each time I push the connect button in 'Bluetooth and devices'.
In the control panel/network connections the 'Bluetooth Network Connection' shows as "not connected" but of course it is.  If I disable it and re-enable it a popup says it is enabled but I see it still listed as 'not connected'
I have been through all the normal trouble shooting steps and nothing affects the problem. I have checked the device drivers, upreved them, disconnected and re-installed them. I have checked the services and the Bluetooth User service cannot be changed to 'automatic' but the other service is running. If I turn it on, it turns off in a few minutes.
I noted the bluetooth cannot connect with the COM port 5 (as on another machine) but the internet adapter is listed on COM 9.

Having gone this far, I suspect my on board Nvidia Quadro P600 may be in conflict with the bluetooth adapter...but not sure.

my machine is a Lenovo P320 Tiny Workstation (ThinkStation) - Type 30C1 running Windows 10 Pro.
Standing by for any help you guys can give me on this deep problem.

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