BitLocker Auto Locked Drive D:, and Recovery Key cannot be found.

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I need help regarding the BitLocker Recovery Key.

Here's my story.

The laptop was installed Windows 11 Home. There was no BitLocker, but I can enable the encryption. So, I enabled it, but cannot disable anymore. At that time, there was no Microsoft account was linked.

Then, I upgrade the Windows to 11 Pro. After reboot, the data D: drive was already locked without password, and recovery key file was nowhere to be found.


So, at the end, I have Windows 11 Pro and data D: is locked. I want to unlock the data D: drive.

By the way, when I click data D: it asked for recovery key without asking password.


Kindly help!

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Thank you sir. We will try with these solutions.

Khaung Hein Htet
Additionally, I need help with that, the system automatically locked the drive D: without providing the recovery key file (.txt, and no where to find it on Microsoft account too). Also, we did not have the chance to enter password. So, whenever we double click the drive D: it is asking the recovery key.
We have no idea to find the recovery key, nowhere to be found. And the drive D: is locked inside the important data. Is there a way to revert to the previous state when the drive D: is unlocked without the need of recovery key (which the system didn't provided to us).

Thank you,
Khaung Hein Htet