Beta Channel: Internet disconnects when uploading something via usb ethernet connection

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Ever since I switched from the regular Windows 11 build to the beta channel, I've had problems with my usb ethernet connection. At first it just didn't work at all after the switch, then after resetting a bunch of things it does work (I'm not sure what actually fixed that). So now I can load websites and stream videos just fine via the usb ethernet connection, but whenever I try to upload a file to the internet, the ethernet disconnects and does not work. If I disable the ethernet and just use wifi, the upload works just fine though.


I'm using an Asus Zenbook Flip 15, and I'm on this Windows release build:

22631.2428 ni_release


Anybody have a similar problem?

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Switching to the Windows 11 beta channel can lead to some interesting challenges with your USB Ethernet connection, but don't worry – we'll explore some steps to make things better.

First, it's essential to make sure your USB Ethernet adapter has the latest drivers installed. Head over to the manufacturer's website or your laptop manufacturer's site to grab the most recent drivers that are compatible with your Windows 11 beta build.

Checking your USB connection is also important. Ensure your adapter is securely connected to your laptop's USB port. Loose connections can lead to intermittent issues that might affect your uploads.

Sometimes, the specific USB port you're using can be the culprit. Try testing your adapter in different USB ports on your laptop to see if the problem repeats itself. It's possible that one USB port might be causing these disconnections.

Windows can sometimes interfere with USB devices through its power management settings. To tweak this, go to your device manager, locate your USB Ethernet adapter, right-click it, and choose 'Properties.' Within the 'Power Management' tab, make sure to uncheck the option that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."

Keeping your system up to date is a must. The beta builds of Windows receive frequent updates that can target and address known issues. Ensure that you've installed all the available Windows updates.

Remember, feedback is valuable. Since you're part of the beta program, providing feedback to Microsoft can make a difference. Your input can help them understand and resolve the issues you encounter.

Lastly, if the problem continues to be a major hindrance, you might consider reverting to a stable version of Windows 11 until the issue gets sorted out in the beta channel. It's important to acknowledge that beta versions are intended for testing and may come with various bugs and compatibility challenges. Rest assured, updates will come through as the beta program progresses, making things smoother. You can also check online forums and support communities for Windows 11 beta users – there, you might find others who've encountered similar issues or discovered specific solutions tailored to your setup.