battery % is not increasing #struck

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I have windows 11 build 22000.100, i am facing laptop battery charging issue, as it is showing status as charging but stuck at 60%. Not going to 100% from last 7 days it is still on 60%. Can you help me out yo fix that, so i can charge it fully.

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Please do a test - how long will your battery last to power the computer?
If it is as it has always been, it is just a display error that has no effect on the actual battery charge.

Does it happen when you have used the Windows 10?
Is your device come with battery charging LED?
Try shutdown your PC and take off your battery and power on your PC without battery.

Then use your PC for a while and shutdown it and connect your battery and let it charge without turn on your PC and then turn it on and check your battery status.

What is the manufacturer of your PC?