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I have looked around and have seen similar discussions, but would like to ask this anyway. 


We are using Windows 11 Pro, an eval copy - build 22567.ni_release.220225-1325 on an M1 Macintosh, using Parallels in a VM. When I last checked, Windows 11 did not run on an M1 Macintosh, so we received a special build. On the desktop in Windows 11, it is asking us to Activate Windows and I want to know if I should do that with this particular set up, and what should happen if I do. My wife is using Parallels In order to run one specific piece of software, and I don't want screw up the install. Any thoughts / updates much appreciated.

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Try to upgrade to the latest build if u can, and enter with your purchased Win11 Pro license key.
Can you provide more information on "special build" so we can provide information on activation. Usually, whether you're using Windows on VM or physical install, you must activate it with a paid license key.

@Kapil Arya Well, "special build" is probably not the right language (unfortunately, I don't know a lot about Windows....), it's just that I got that build (the number I mentioned) from the Insider Preview Program, and I assumed it wasn't a "regular" build. Our original license is Windows 7;  at one point in this process I wound up running a script - BackupWindowsKey.vbs from the desktop - and it generated a Windows 10 key (which was different from the Win7 key), but I wasn't sure whether to use it. 

You can use Windows 10 key to activate Windows 11. Note that Insider Preview builds also requires activation.

@Kapil Arya Ah... that I didn't know. Thank you so much, it feels like what I needed to know! Much appreciated.