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Insider Preview took me [first] to 22478.1000 today.  Upon rebooting I could login but it crashed shortly thereafter in what appeared to be a greenscreen doom-loop.  "Windows Insider Preview edition encountered an error ..."  Previously to get out of these I've had to do a Windows reset from the Recovery Console.


This time, after 3 or 4 attempts Windows stabilized (whatever that means) and I was able to complete the login and start working.


No audio.  Dug around.  I have, admittedly old, Logitech Z340 speakers.  (may have to replace them - but I'm not eager to do so).  They don't even appear in Device Manage so maybe they're no longer supported.


Then 1012 appeared.  Applied that.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a second update appear this quickly on the heels of a first and it doesn't inspire confidence as regards stability.


Still no audio though.  Depending on just how much of a problem that is, I'd prefer to wait a couple of days before going out and getting new speakers (But will they be compatible with 11?  Who knows.)


After lots of problems with Insider, I'd gladly exit but, even with some research, it's not entirely clear to me how I would time my exit from Insider and be sure that I have a genuinely stable version of Windows.  And if that's not clear, then MSFT continues to have me by the short hairs as an increasingly unwilling Windows tester.

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