19603 - VPN Client Doesn't Show Domain Prefix At Bottom Anymore?


I brought this up in another post, but I figured I would mention it here.

Starting a couple of fast ring updates ago and continuing with 19603, I have noticed that the VPN client no longer shows domain names when you enter them in as your LDAP name:


However, in 1909, the domain prefix does show:


Since the behavior with 19603 has started, I have been noticing that when connecting to a domain using LDAP credentials and then using RDP, I have to now enter the full TERMSRV name for a machine instead of just its regular name (I.E. MyComputer.MyDomain instead of MyComputer). This leads me to believe that the domain name is no longer being used in the VPN connection / client.

Is this something that we can be assured won't make it into 20h1? Where I work, we have a LOT of users who are remote and use VPN (especially right now with COVID) and they are not going to understand what is going on; in addition, I am concerned that any software we have that uses LDAP authentication may get broken. 

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Upgraded to 19608 last night, this problem still is present.


Are you still having this problem as well? 

I noticed that it is also affecting RasPhone; if I use that to start a VPN connection, I still have to provide the full DNS name of a network machine in order to reach it (I.E. MachineName.DomainName instead of just MachineName). 



Yes issue is still present in 19608 and I made sure that all the components of name resolution are proper.


I have veeam backups / remote desktop / WSD Samba file shares that all used to work with past builds, still work with non insider builds that require raw IPs or hosts file entries to work with the latest builds

This is troubling. I am almost certain then this problem is going to have a wide effect on particular types of DNS resolution when 20h1 goes live if this doesn't get fixed.

Have you been able to find any work arounds for this on the machine running the fast ring build?

Also on a side note - I tested this on the DNS server we have for my company and the DNS server isn't even receiving any requests from my 19608 machine when I try to access a resource by machine name. It's like the fast ring Windows is doing something weird and the request is bad and dropping before it can make it to the DNS server.