Intune policy to make cortana search icon by default?


Wanted to see if anyone knows if it's possible to use InTune to set the cortana search bar to an icon or disabled instead of eating up taskbar space? Can't seem to find a setting or anything in the taskbar customization xml's that allow that setting to be modified. Thanks!

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Hi, you probably already solved it, but for other looking for the same thing - search can be set up as icon via registry change. In Intune, you can do it by PowerShell script in Device configuration section. You need to set up registry:
SearchboxTaskbarMode = 1

for example:
New-ItemProperty -Path "HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search" -Name "SearchboxTaskbarMode" -Value "1" -PropertyType DWORD -Force

Keep in mind, that the script must run under logged user and assign script to user group.