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Windows 365 and Multiple Monitors

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I have searched far and wide for information on how to use the Windows Remote Desktop client to use the supposedly supported multiple monitor configuration but without any success.  We reached out to Microsoft support responded that this functionality isn't supported.  Documentation seems to suggest that support for it does exist.  Using 64 bit version of the Microsoft Desktop Client, per the recommendations in the Windows 365 client web page.  Not sure where to go here, anyone have any idea or suggestions?  Anyone get this to work?


Update: Adding the referenced documentation: Get started with the Windows Desktop client | Microsoft Docs

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You can enable multiple display in windows365. Please follow the below steps to enable the display configuration.
1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop Client Application. Right click on Cloud PC icon and select Settings > Toggle the Use default settings button in OFF position .
2. From Display Settings, you may select your desire display settings from the display configuration drop down(Select Displays/All Displays/Single Display)


Hi Sumon,


When I right click on the Cloud PC icon, this is what I see... no other settings are present.  Do you have a screen shot that could help identify where it is you are clicking?  Mine just has "Unpin from Start" as the only option.





what OS are you running the client on? and also which version of the remote desktop client are you running?


If Windows, download the Remote Desktop Client from here (much better then the store app version imho) you should get the settings option on the right click of the PC icon





Looks like you are running the wrong RD Client. CookieW linked the right place to get the client. It supports multiple monitors.

@jasonhand Sorry guys, I went to the link you provided to download the client and it is the same link that is provided in the Windows 365 page when logged in.  Exactly the same.  When I try to install, it states the following, which indicates that the client is already installed and it is operating properly from all I can determine, except for "Settings" to enable multiple monitors:




This has been my dilemma from the beginning, the documentation and the actual app to use the features in the documentation don't match.  Need to know why this is so I can remedy if there is a remedy.


Client OS: Windows 10 Pro

Version: 10.0.19043


Remote Deskop Client: Microsoft Remote Desktop

Version: 10.2.1817.0


Hope that helps figure out what's going on.




Uninstall the client you have installed as the version you have stated is the one from the Microsoft Store. Get that uninstalled and then download from the link earlier, choosing x64 or x86 as needed and you should get a screen similar to the one I posted before and version should be in or around v1.2.2923.0

Thank you so much!
The version now downloads as v1.2.2924.0 but this has effectively saved Win365 for one key user that was about to make me revert them back to AWS.
Please use the client Version 1.2.2924.0
Thanks for pointing that out. It wasn't obvious at first.
A few screen grabs of the UX/UI experience would be a beneficial addition to the post

@Dodge-1350 - Hi, I have explained about using multiple monitors with Cloud PC in this article -

Hi all - so this is one I still struggle with. Have a WIndows 10 device running WIndows 365 (with Windows 11 23H2). I still cannot get the 2nd screen to work. Client versions are the latest (checked updated). Have followed instructions in the thread, but disconnecting and reconnecting the Windows 365 desktop doesn't allow it to recognise dual screen - it just duplicated and controls in the virtual Win 11 desktop are not configurable



What are the dual screen settings setup on the physical device? The Windows 365 device will just pick up the settings from physical device.

Yeah odd.. The host device is dual screen and that works OK...

Reprovision the cloud PC and seems OK... Very odd.. Thanks though.