Upgrade a cloud pc (Windows 365) - Help Please

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After purchasing a cloud pc and installing software, can i upgrade to a higher spec later and will i need to re-installed the software in installed on it?


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Hi @druhorman,

I assume that you mean resizing your cloud pc. and that is possible afterwards. In that case, you don't need to re-install your software, but you need to take the following into account:

  • Resizing isn’t supported for Cloud PCs provisioned through group-based licenses.
  • Resizing is only supported for Gen 2 Cloud PCs.
    If you try resizing a Gen 1 Cloud PC, the resize will not start and you will be notified that this happened due to the user having a Gen 1 Cloud PC. Reprovision the Gen 1 Cloud PC to convert it to a Gen 2 Cloud PC
  • Downsizing from an 8vCPU core Cloud PC that supports nested virtualization will disable nested virtualization support. Nested virtualization is only supported on 8vCPU core Cloud PCs.
  • When triggering a resize, the Cloud PC will be rebooted and the user will be immediately disconnected from their current session. Make sure the user saves all their work to avoid any potential data loss.
  • The upgrade/downgrade will only take place if there are available licenses
  • If you have a combination of paid and trial licenses, the resize feature will use your paid licenses first. After these licenses run out, the resize operation will use your trial licenses.
  • If there are no licenses in your inventory, the resizing will fail. You can contact your procurement admin to request more licenses. After the license has been purchased and added to the inventory in the Microsoft Admin Center, you can retry the resize operation.



Thank you Ruud, i appreciate your guideance very much.
I guess my next question is where do I check to see whether i am using Gen 1 or Gen 2 Cloud PC?

Hi @druhorman ,


You're welcome, happy to help.


Gen1 and Gen2 is related to your image. You can use Gen1 and Gen2 custom images with Windows 365. If you don't use custom images, you don't have to worry about that. Otherwise, you can check your custom images and validate if you're using Gen1 or Gen2 images.


You can also convert a gen1 image to a Gen2 image as described here