How do I turn off read only mode in Powerpoint

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I have been working on a PowerPoint presentation slideshow.  I have been using the same PowerPoint for the last 7 years ie adding new slides each year.  However, this year It's not letting me save my work and states can't save because it is in read only mode.  I still have another 200 slides to add, but have had to redo my work for the last 3 days.  Since it not saving my work.  Please advise.  I need to have this slideshow done by next week.  BTW:  I've tried following instructions via the internet etc. 

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Hi Helen,

Have you tried the following:
1 -Click File > Info.
2 - Review the Presentations status.
3 - Right-click File > Properties.
4 - Uncheck read-only.

If yes, and still the same status, please share a screenshot so the community can assist.