How do I turn off read only mode in Powerpoint

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I have been working on a PowerPoint presentation slideshow.  I have been using the same PowerPoint for the last 7 years ie adding new slides each year.  However, this year It's not letting me save my work and states can't save because it is in read only mode.  I still have another 200 slides to add, but have had to redo my work for the last 3 days.  Since it not saving my work.  Please advise.  I need to have this slideshow done by next week.  BTW:  I've tried following instructions via the internet etc. 

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Hi Helen,

Have you tried the following:
1 -Click File > Info.
2 - Review the Presentations status.
3 - Right-click File > Properties.
4 - Uncheck read-only.

If yes, and still the same status, please share a screenshot so the community can assist.

A client sent me several files via email.  They were all created in PPT.  I have One Drive. I cannot edit the file.  I cannot turn on edit access. They say they have not locked it.  What do I do?  I need step by step instructions.  when I go file>info everything is grayed out and there are no options to enable editing.
The red viewing button at the top right says Viewing (make no changes) and editing is grayed out.  It does give me an option to Open in Desktop App. When I do that, I still can't edit.  
Please rescue me from this hell. 


I think you need to turn it off in OneDrive. If you can see your OneDrive folders in File Explorer, right click on the folder and choose "show more options" and then "properties" (some versions of windows will just have properties). On the General tab, unchecked the box labeled "Read-only". You may get a pop-up about applying to subfolders - you should probably choose yes. Then click. Ok. Restart PowerPoint and open the doc again. 



@SandroFigueiredo I have the same error  "An error occurred while saving this PowerPoint" from a user while saving a PowerPoint. It is showing in the PPT info that it is a read only. But on the file properties it is not read only. 

@IanPogs  have you tried following the steps provided in previous reply? (Apologies for my late response). 

If it does not work, another would be from File > Save As > Download a copy (ppt)