Does windows 365 have a iso file? (iso file = Disk image file)

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I want to know that does windows 365 have an iso files or not becouse I saw on youtube

He said that the download link was in betawiki but I can't find it

Then someone said that it was in betawiki discord server

But I don't have discord account :(

I want it's iso does anyone have it?

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We provided our gallery images in the Azure Market place as a starting point for creating custom images. We encourage customers to use Gallery images and layer on applications, settings, etc using MEM during provisioning just like you would for physical PC's but sometimes you may need to create custom images. Navigate to Azure Marketplace and search for "Windows 365" and you'll see options.

@Eric Orman Sorry sir I just want to download windows 365 iso file sir

He’s saying subscribe to the product and you can do whatever you want with the ISO’s from the store. Windows 365 is a subscription for a specialized version of Windows you can run in the cloud.