Conditional Access and Windows 365 home/launch page

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Trying to get conditional access sign-in frequency policy to sign user out of the home/launch page at some interval so user is re-prompted for MFA since the browser saves user's credentials. When using RDP, user is prompted for user/pwd and MFA after sign-in frequency interval but not from the browser.


Has anyone successfully done this? if so, how? Again, I'm looking for user to be prompted for mfa from the home/launch page after a sign-in frequency. The next day for example.


my notes:

  • ca points to both apps, windows 365 and azure virtual desktop
  • our users are able to choose keep me sign in and we don't modify token lifetimes.
  • I only want sign-in frequency to apply to windows 365, not all office 365 apps

If someone can confirm there is no way to do this at this time, anyone have a workaround? for example. Still allow user to access the home/launch page(to maybe restart cloud pc) but when user tries to launch pc from the home/launch page, it could block it.  Thought I could do some tricks with CA but tried a few different things and could not make it work.


Hope someone can help or at least get an official answer from Microsoft because I may have to block access to windows365 home/launch page.

Btw... what is the official name of that page anyway?




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