Cloud PC Region Visibility

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How can I see what region the W365 Cloud PC is deployed into.


I would expect to be able to see this from the All Cloud PCs view, or when i click into the Cloud PC itself, but I can't find anywhere it shows the info. It would be very helpful to have to understand where the devices are located.

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Hello Adam,

below is the steps to give me visibility of cloud PC region.
Sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal at
In the left navigation pane, click on "Virtual Machines".
Find and click on the Windows 365 Cloud PC virtual machine instance you want to check.
In the Overview page, under the "Basics" section, you can see the region where the virtual machine is deployed. It is listed as "Region" and will show the region code (e.g., "East US", "West Europe", "Southeast Asia", etc.).

Hi @Bharat_Mishra 


It's a Windows 365 Cloud PC Enterprise. These are hosted in Microsoft and therefore there is no virtual machine object in the customers subscription, so your instructions are not correct.



Sorry, have yoiu ever used Windows 365? Yes, the VM and disk is hosted in Microsoft but you can choose what region to deploy it to. You are also correct in that there is no VM in the customer subscription, but that is not my question. I need a way to find out what region the Cloud PC is in once it has been deployed, and I have not found a way to do this. I would expect to able to do this in the portal or at least via PowerShell, or something. Really needs adding as a feature. This is more important because you can change the region in the provisioning policy after deployment of Cloud PCs.

Hi @adam2479!

We surfaced your question during today's episode of AMA: Windows in the Cloud. Please see the panel's answer at around 6:05.