Assigning Endpoint Policy to Windows 365 Business

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Hi, is it possible to assign Endpoint app configuration and compliance policy to Windows 365 Business? We have policies assigned to users but when we check the device, those policies are not assigned/applied and just showing No Data. 



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@jblanzaderas - Yes, you can apply Intune policies, like app configurations.


If the policy is assigned to the user, the user must logon to the device first in order for Endpoint Manager to complete the user/device mapping. After that, Endpoint Manager recognizes the user (and has the logged on user's token) to evaluate and send the correct policies.

@Christian_Montoya , thanks! But no data is showing/applied when we check the device. How can we confirm that the policies are really applied and assigned to it?



@jblanzaderas : Can you confirm is the user has logged in yet? As long as the user has logged in and has logged into any of the Microsoft 365 apps, the device should start receiving policies on next Intune device check-in.

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figured it out! By default, no Primary user was assigned to the Business CloudPC even I was able to log in successfully. So after assigning the user the policies were all applied to the CloudPC.

@jblanzaderas - Thanks for the follow-up, glad you got it working! I'll work with the team to see where we can add this in our Windows 365 Business documentation.