Announcing new regions for Windows 365.


Today I am pleased to announce that we have enabled two new regions for Windows 365.

You can now deploy your Cloud PCs into Italy and Poland, specifically the Italy North and Poland Central regions. Within a provisioning policy if you select the European Geography, you can then select Italy North or Poland Central:





This increases the number of Azure regions that Windows 365 supports enabling you more choice as to where you locate your Cloud PCs and enables you to place them closer to your user estate in those locations, reducing the latency for users in those locations.

We will continue to enable new regions over the coming years to provide more choice and flexibility for your Cloud PCs, providing the maximum choice of global Azure regions. Over the coming years new Azure regions will be announced and we will be enabling Windows 365 from these as they become available. This also demonstrates our commitment to our customers to continue to evolve the service to grow into existing and new Azure regions, so that you can provide the best service to your own organization.

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@TomHickling  Hi,

This is great information, but in these regions (locations) you need proper product promotion and targeted advertising :)