Access Windows 365 over RDP from GNU/Linux

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I have several RDP clients on GNU/Linux, but can't use any of them?


Only way to access Windows 365 over RDP is using Windows RDP Client? 



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@famadorian : You can access on nearly any device by using the web client, which you can open by:


You can also use the Microsoft Remote Desktop clients on Windows, iOS, Android, or Mac. If you have any of those devices, you can download the client straight from the download section of the Windows 365 Portal:



As the title says, I'm asking about RDP from GNU/Linux

@famadorian : For GNU/Linux, we don't have a native Microsoft Remote Desktop client and therefore recommend the web client, which you can launch from .

@famadorian : I forgot to mention, to request this a native client for GNU/Linux, please either upvote or submit a new feedback item at so we can centrally organize and prioritize.

Question: Does the native "Remmina Remote Desktop Client" App on Ubuntu not work ?