windows can't use ip camera

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in windows 10 settings I have set up an ip camera - it's present in the list of 'other devices' at Bluetooth  & Other Devices (see attached screenshot) but the camera app can't see it and neither can any other app. how do I get this to work in windows?


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Are you able to pin the camera?
Do you have ability to connect to the Camera using browser like enter the IP to visit the admin panel?
Have you check with the device's manufacturer support?


yes I can ping the camera

yes I can see the live camera image in a browser and also have the admin panel

I haven't checked with the manufacturer.

the camera shows as present in windows settings/devices - see the screenshot in my OP.

it doesn't make sense that the camera app cannot detect a camera that is clearly present in windows settings

Firstly, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Check with the device's manufacturer support and in some case you might need to install a driver or application so it could work.
ik thankyou for that suggestion I've done that
Welcome, what was the response from the device's manufacturer?
If you installed any driver, try uninstall it and restart your PC and connect the device and run Windows Update and see if any driver offered through Windows Update, then install it.