Windows 11 update

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Windows 11 offered an update. I declined the invitation but Windows automatically went ahead with the update during the night. The update failed thereby corrupting my system. None of the troubleshooting or reset options worked. So now, through no fault of my own, I am left with a pc with no operating system. MS tech support want to download a new Windows 11 but I have had to borrow a pc and buy a flash drive big enough. Issue yet to be resolved as MS chat rejoin link doesn't work. Wish I had never upgraded to Windows 11.
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What exactly happens now when you start the system? Do you see Windows 10/11 boot screen or any error?

@Kapil Arya I cannot be precise about this as my pc is now with the 3rd party technician that the MS Assure technician told me to and find. From memory the message was 'Windows 11 update failed - try again, troubleshoot etc'. After that, everything failed - generally because it required a bit recovery key which I know nothing about. I am particularly annoyed about this recovery key issue because, having previously been bitten by the dangers of encryption, I specifically refused encryption during my initial setup of the machine but it appears that I have had it imposed upon me by the Windows 11 upgrade.

I am now stuck with an encrypted hard drive that appears to be unrecoverable.