files lost in upgrade to windows 11

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I upgraded to windows 11 on Saturday 23 April and lost a photo file in the process.  I know I did not delete anything so the file must be on my hard drive somewhere.  Please help!

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Are you seeing other files?
Is there any error message?
Try open the drive which Windows has been installed (for example C:) and see is there any folder called "Windows.old"?
i have found this folder. where should I look?
I checked all the folders within the windows.old and they are empty.
This folder contains data from previous Windows installation, you may navigate inside it, and you will find folders inside it, depending on where you store them.
You may try search inside this folder and for example search one of images to find the location for folder.
the data files from the same file transferred intact, just the photos are missing
Where did you store photos?
What was the format of your photos?