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Updates to Copilot Dashboard 


Configurable minimum aggregation threshold 

The Copilot Dashboard allows users to filter analysis to a desired group, while hiding results if the selected group does not meet a minimum group size for user privacy.  To enable customers with more control in specifying the desired privacy threshold, Viva Insights admins can now configure the minimum group size. The default minimum group size is set at 10 and can be lowered to a minimum of 5.


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Copilot assisted hours breakdown by app and activity 

Copilot assisted hours enables users to estimate the amount of time employees were assisted using Copilot. Users can now select How do we estimate this? to see a breakdown of the Copilot actions that contributed to the hours assisted, and can use the insights to better understand how the total hours assisted is calculated. 


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Date ranges 

Specific date ranges that represent the time period of analysis have been added to the Copilot dashboard.  


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Microsoft 365 Copilot metrics now available in the metric library in Advanced insights 

We’ve added the Microsoft 365 Copilot metrics to the metric library in Advanced insights. As a result, we’re removing the checkbox in the person query that lets analysts add the metrics to their person query. Analysts can now find these metrics in the metric library and in the “add metrics” step in a person query under the “Microsoft 365 Copilot” section.  


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Meeting cost and quality in the Viva Insights Teams app 

With this set of new features, employees can improve meeting time for their colleagues or themselves, and managers and leaders can understand the business case for balancing meeting cost and quality within their organizations. 


Each user can choose whether to view meeting cost as hours or currency, and they can edit those settings in the Viva Insights app. Admins can also adjust this setting for others. 


Meeting cost and quality report


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Eligible managers in Viva Insights will see a report about how much time their team spends in meetings and what share of it goes to high-cost large or long recurring meetings. Reviewing just one or two high-cost meetings can help many others get back their time. 


“Like” button


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Managers can show other people in their organization if they like the idea of reviewing meetings to balance meeting cost with meeting quality by selecting the Like button. When they do, they’ll be added to the list of people who have liked the scenario, and other Viva Insights users in the company may see their name or picture on related content. If the manager changes their mind, they can select the Like button again.  


Meeting review card

The meeting review card is available for both managers and non-managers. The card has two faces: Meetings you organized, and Meetings you’re attending. The meetings I’ve organized side presents opportunities to improve meeting time for your colleagues, and the meetings I’m attending side presents opportunities to improve meeting time for myself. Users can see meeting insights, edit the meeting or their RSVP, or simply mark the meeting as “reviewed” to manage the list. 


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Meeting compose nudge

The meeting compose nudge encourages users to pay attention to the duration, frequency, and invitee list for high-cost meetings. When a user creates a new meeting in Outlook, it can trigger the infobar message to let the user know when the meeting cost (duration x frequency x invitees) is getting high.  


The user can expand the message to open the Viva Insights add-in, which offers actionable suggestions. Accepting suggestions to reduce frequency or shorten duration will immediately update the invitation with a new, less costly configuration.  


Viva Feature Access Management

If for any reason meeting cost features aren’t a good fit for some Viva Insights users, admins are able to toggle these features for groups or individuals using Viva Feature Access Management. 


Data egress with Microsoft Graph Data Connect 

We’re excited to announce the public preview release of Viva Insights data egress with partition support via Microsoft Graph Data Connect (MGDC). Customers can now export Viva Insights data (e.g., computed metrics, imported attributes) from any partition, using flexible queries that also support our PBI templates, into Azure storage. This feature enables customers to build custom analytical solutions by exporting and integrating Viva Insights data with external data or applications. They can integrate insights into business applications like CRM or perform more comprehensive analyses for purposes like workspace planning.  


The MGDC export solution is scalable and secure, with the following benefits:  


  1. It allows for seamless data access at scale with integrations to the Azure toolchain to enable an accelerated path to insights.  
  2. It empowers administrators to review and explicitly consent to the types and amounts of data that applications may consume.  
  3. It alleviates concerns and allows organizations to establish detailed data governance policies about how sensitive data is handled, keeping customer data within a single, trusted service boundary. 

Learn more about data egress via MGDC. 


View Power BI templates in the advanced insights web app  

We’re proud to announce the release of a new way to view Power BI templates in the advanced insights web app, leveraging Power BI embedded. With this new option, analysts no longer have to set up Power BI templates in Power BI Desktop, and can instead view them directly in the web app.  


After successfully running a Power BI template query, analysts will find a new option to View it in the Query results page, along with the current Data export options, like download .csv. 


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Upon selecting View, a fully interactive Power BI template is opened. Analysts can navigate across the different pages in the report using the navigation menu and use all the features already available in our Power BI templates, like selecting the employee attributes to view and filter the report by web app.  


Users with the Insights Analyst role can view Power BI templates in the advanced insights web app.



New out-of-the-box leader reports 

New leader deep-dive reports in Viva Insights focus on customers, business operations, and agility. You can find these reports under Team insights in the Viva Insights app in Teams and on the web. 


With these reports, leaders can view a variety of metrics and suggested actions focused on specific business outcomes. Leaders can further drill down into the insights with custom filters such as time periods and breakdowns by group. 


The new reports include: 


External focus 

This report helps leaders understand how employees are managing external relationships, and how different parts of the company may have been impacted by business shifts. 


This report can help leaders improve their strategies for communicating and collaborating with external groups. And for groups with increased external engagement, these insights can help leaders ensure these engagements don’t come at the expense of increased after-hours work. 


New hire onboarding and integration 

The New hire onboarding and integration report helps leaders understand the onboarding experience of new hires as well as the transition for employees who've started out in a new role within the company. The report also identifies opportunities to improve the onboarding and professional development experience. 


Because research shows it takes new employees 12 months on average to reach their full performance potential, this report focuses on the entire 12-month period a new hire is learning, connecting, and developing in their new role. 


This report can help leaders answer the following questions:


  • How are new hires developing their network, and how fast are they integrating into the organization’s network? 
  • Are new hires getting the 1:1 coaching and support from their managers that they need? 
  • Is the organization sufficiently encouraging new hires and employees to set aside time for learning and training? 

Learn more about the new reports.

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