Learning culture leads to change; how untapped data from everyday work fuels innovation
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Like many companies aiming to remain competitive and grow, BP, one of the largest energy producers in the world, has in recent years undertaken a digital transformation. And like many leaders, those at BP soon discovered that new technology alone is not enough, and that successful transformation also requires a recalibration of culture.

In order to align itself along a shared set of values that emphasize innovation and agility, BP figured out how to find the hidden spots of innovation already happening in the company and to engage its workforce to help replicate those bright spots. This, leaders found, was a key component of nurturing and growing the learning culture that would help BP truly transform.

According to a new survey of 300 executives conducted by Dow Jones Intelligence (DJI) with sponsorship from Microsoft, 83 percent of executives agree a learning culture is very important to achieving their organization’s business goals. And 54 percent of those who said their companies already had a fully developed learning culture reported seeing major improvements in customer experience as a result of business transformation.

In a special Wall Street Journal sponsored report, learn more about how major energy producer BP transformed its culture and how behavioral data “allows organizations to get better and better every day, because they learn from the collective experiences, activities and knowledge of the entire company, and apply data immediately and continuously.”

This article originally appeared in Microsoft Workplace Insights.

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