July 2024 Viva Glint release updates
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Glint released new features on June 29. Your dashboard always provides date and timing details of a short maintenance shutdown two or three days before our releases. See our future release and downtime dates. Follow along with what features are ahead by continually checking the Viva Glint product roadmap. 


Copilot in Viva Glint

Preview our new AI feature! Quickly summarize employee feedback comments to make the most of your Glint survey data.


Make the most of Copilot in Viva Glint! Check out these event recordings to learn more about AI within the world of Viva.



Survey program updates


  • Onboarding and exit survey templates are now part of every Viva Glint package. These lifecycle surveys provide insight into the employee experience at critical points during the employee journey. Taking action to improve the employee experience helps position new hires to be successful, while increasing engagement and retention rates.
  • Measure productivity at your organization. Look beyond engagement alone to create an employee experience that helps people be more productive and higher performing. Create a Viva Glint productivity survey or add items to your Recurring Engagement survey.
  • You can now lower confidentiality settings in an Always-On survey, enabling you to gather employee feedback at a very personal level.
  • Launch a distress survey. Societal or global events introduce instability and disruption to our natural patterns in work and personal lives. Without addressing fundamental concerns, organizations can’t run “business as usual.”
  • Improve your performance for comment exports. To improve the Comments Report export experience, individual verbatim comments are no longer included in PowerPoint exports. Use the Export Comments to Spreadsheet option for offline comment review. Learn about the Comments report.


Support your survey takers and managers

Psychological safety training for managers – Psychological safety means that a team has a common understanding that they can take risks, share thoughts and worries, ask questions, and acknowledge errors without being afraid of negative outcomes. Psychological safety leads to innovation, creativity, and cooperation. Learn more about psychological safety training for managers.

Help users easily submit their valuable feedback. Use support guidance to communicate proactively and create resources to address commonly asked questions by survey takers. Share survey taker help content directly with your organization. You can also send survey takers to learn what accessibility tools and features are available.


Connect and learn with Viva Glint

You asked and it's scheduled! Results Rollout Strategy: Ask the Experts will be held on July 23. This webinar is geared for new Viva Glint customers who are in the process of deploying their first programs. You must be registered to attend. Bring your questions! Register here for Ask the Experts.

Join our customer cohorts! We have created community groups for like-minded customers to connect. Join our private user groups and be sure to register for our upcoming Retail or Manufacturing quarterly meeting. For more information, check out this blog post.

Thought leadership events and blogs

Should you be paying attention to engaging employees or helping them be more productive? Or both? How? Learn from Principal People Scientist, Craig Ramsay, about measuring productivity in the workplace.

Join Viva People Science on July 18 for a webinar sharing our latest research on AI readiness. Deep dive into what the research says about being an AI-ready organization, what you can learn from High Performing Organizations, the crucial people-centric practices involved, and more! Register here.

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