Inspiring Managers with Viva Glint’s Management Empowerment Capabilities
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The data is clear—successful managers are the secret sauce for high-performing teams and organizations. People who recommend their manager are 2.3x more likely to demonstrate employee engagement—a key driver of business success—compared to those who don’t.

Do you know the most important way managers can foster employee engagement? It’s listening to their people’s feedback and working to collaboratively take action to improve the team’s engagement.

But all too often, managers—especially those who are new in their jobs—don’t know how to begin. Roadblocks prevent action.

Viva Glint’s Manager Empowerment bundle is an end-to-end guided experience that significantly helps managers move through the process of interpreting, discussing, and taking effective action on feedback. It includes Viva Glint’s ACT Conversation framework, which inspires employee participation in the process of improving engagement and helps people speak up in crucial moments, adding clarity on what matters most to them.



Helping managers move forward

Managers who listen and respond to their teams create a vital feedback loop that builds engagement and also encourages vital communication about employee well-being and burnout.
But the first step—simply talking with teams about survey feedback—can feel intimidating and uncomfortable. Managers get lost in the survey data or buried in concern that the feedback reflects weakness in their own performance.

To conquer these hurdles and empower every manager to succeed, Viva Glint delivers three critical capabilities:

1. Team Summary, an intuitive dashboard for managers, makes it easier for managers to understand team survey results and what to do next. Managers are focused on important insights and can easily dive deeper into specific drivers to reflect on them. With greater understanding of their strengths and opportunities, managers have a clearer picture of where they need to take action.

Team Summary also surfaces relevant videos and articles, and helps managers focus on what’s most important to their team. Inline coaching is embedded throughout the experience to help managers interpret feedback and develop a growth mindset as they learn from survey insights.

2. Team Conversations, an interactive presentation, offers step-by-step guidance to help managers collaborate with their teams. The interactive experience—centered on Viva Glint’s ACT Conversation™ Guide framework—helps managers easily accomplish these important steps:


      • Acknowledge where we are: Present pre-populated team engagement insights

      • Collaborate on where we want to go: Lead a conversation with embedded conversation prompts and thought-starters

      • Take one step forward: Select focus areas with the interactive action-planning capabilities

3. Nudges encourage managers to follow through. The Nudges capability gently prompts managers to take the right steps throughout the engagement process. Coach managers in the flow of their work to promote completion of engagement and development actions with easy next steps.

Getting started

The Manager Empowerment bundle continues the Viva Glint mission to help organizations create a thriving work culture filled with engaged employees and inspiring leaders.

Learn more about Viva Glint today.

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