20 Tips from People Scientists to be Happy and Successful at Work
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Perhaps no one is better suited to offer tips for happiness and success in your career than people who study people at work. People scientists are modern experts in employee engagement, psychology, and people analytics. They help individuals and organizations thrive by building positive mindsets and effective work cultures.




Of course, they each bring their own life experiences and wisdom to what they do, which leads to this roundup of advice. Here are 20 favorite tips from Viva Glint’s People Science team to be your best self and inspire others around you. Continue to check out the Viva Community for more tips and inspiration from the People Science team.


  1. Elevate others. No matter your title or experience, you can find ways to empower other people and help them succeed. Unlocking potential in others expands the possibilities for your team and for yourself. (Adam Greenhouse, Senior People Science Consultant, Los Angeles)
  2. Cut through the noise to create clarity. In an environment of constant change and shifting priorities, how can we filter through the noise to create focus? Considering what we will stop doing is as important as what we will start doing. (Archana Ramesh, Principal People Scientist & Glint Ecosystem Lead, San Francisco).
  3. Be intentional in growing and acquiring new skills. No matter what role you do, or what ‘box’ you feel you might fit in, we can all think beyond these boxes to grow consistently and develop new skills for our forever changing world of work. (Avneeta Solanki, Senior Consultant, London).
  4. Step into your (BEST) future, today. “Never compare your insides with everyone else's outside” is a quote I recently came across and found so powerful. Often, we assume that the lives of our friends, family, and colleagues are perfect, but the truth is we never really know the physical, psychological, and emotional challenges they go through. Comparison is great if it inspires us into action, but if it makes you feel despondent, it’s not productive. When we channel that energy to focus on being in the present moment, coupled with an attitude of gratitude, we begin to feel a sense of hope for today and the future. (Benjamin Ho, Senior People Science Consultant, Singapore)
  5. Give yourself grace. It's easy to get caught up in the fast-paced world and feel like you need to give 100% all the time. However, it's important to remember that we all have competing priorities in life, and it's not always possible to dedicate ourselves fully to every aspect. Giving yourself grace at work means acknowledging you're human and that it's okay to slow down. This can help you avoid burnout, reduce stress, and ultimately improve your overall productivity and wellbeing. By being kind and forgiving to yourself, you'll be better equipped to handle challenges that come your way, both in and outside of work. (Bryan Dobkin, Principal People Science Consultant, Chicago)
  6. Make time to connect with colleagues. Those who are happiest at work also feel a sense of belonging. When we spend time connecting with coworkers, we feel cared for, respected, and valued. This has a positive impact on our mental health and well-being. By creating and maintaining high-quality relationships, you build camaraderie and a culture of trust. (Chad Bennett, Team Lead & Senior People Science Consultant, Nebraska)
  7. Focus on what inspires you. Be clear on the type of work that gives you energy and find roles and projects that allow you to build upon those strengths. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the types of work that drain you. We can never avoid this type of work altogether; however, the goal is to take roles where we are doing work that inspires us to ensure we are happiest and most successful overall. (Christina Rasieleski, Senior People Science Consultant, Rhode Island)
  8. Work “on purpose”. The People Science team has a vision of bringing more humanity to the workplace and making every person on the planet happier and more successful at work. Keeping this (why I'm doing the work I do) top of mind not only gives me a sense of deep fulfillment, but it also focuses me on the top priorities every day and energizes me as I approach my projects -- even those tasks that would otherwise feel mundane.  (Craig Ramsay, Principal People Scientist, California)
  9. Keep focused on why you are at the company. We focus a lot on tasks, on hitting objectives, on keeping our promises, being judged positively and ‘being a success.’  But why did we join the organization and why does our job exist anyway? Does it help us fulfil our deeper ambitions and does it help us achieve what really matters? Whether it’s changing the world, helping customers, innovating, saving the planet, serving humanity or anything else – keep consciously focused on how your job does something that truly matters to you – and if it doesn’t, change something so that it does! (Ed Hurst, Principal People Science Consultant, A/NZ)
  10. Proactively manage your energy. Employees are attending more meetings than ever before; how can you proactively manage the finite amount of energy you have? Step back to think about your own needs as a person, what your role requires, and what the business needs of you at this moment. Discuss what sits in between these three with your manager and invest your energy. (Jamie Cunningham, Senior People Science Consultant, Dublin)
  11. Reflect, connect, and prioritize. What are your goals and what gives you energy – and what do you want to learn next? Who can help you -- what other resources or support do you need? What’s the one thing you want to do first, to improve your happiness and success at work? (Justin Black, Head of Glint, Virginia Beach)
  12. Planned Happenstance Theory. I had never heard about “People Science Consultant” before I joined Glint. How did I get here – my destiny? Be curious, be persistent, be flexible, be optimistic, and enjoy taking risks. (Kenji Matsumoto, Lead People Science Consultant, Japan)
  13. Create space for deep thinking. In our increasingly busy world, it has never been more important to set aside time for focused work. These moments without meetings or interruptions is where true innovation and new ideas blossom. This is the work that fuels excitement and passion and should be prioritized. (Melissa Barry, Principal People Scientist & Customer Empowerment Lead, New York)
  14. Be comfortable with all of who you are. We’ve become quite accustomed to comparing ourselves to others, and rather than focusing on our strengths, we tend to focus on our deficits. Accepting that as humans, we all have strengths and imperfections, we all make mistakes and that perfection is impossible, we can start to foster a sense of self-acceptance and self-love. Catalogue your strengths, celebrate them, and think of ways you can use them more. Being able to better appreciate your whole authentic self is the key to a happier life in all the ways that you live it. (Michelle Hancic, Head of People Science APAC, Melbourne)
  15. Embrace DEI. Be creative and proactive in your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Be curious about colleagues with experiences different from your own and be respectful as you engage them in conversations about their lives and earned wisdom. Practice allyship by educating yourself and using your position to engage with and advocate for DEI initiatives. Hold yourself and others accountable for their words and actions, mentor people from underrepresented backgrounds, and reach out to network with people from different backgrounds to further your understanding. (Myntha Anthym, People Science Research Consultant, Denver).
  16. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Every day brings a new set of hurdles to overcome in some way or other. Instead of getting frustrated by these which can be counter-productive and detrimental to your overall wellbeing, focus on the big picture and prioritizing tasks – learn to enjoy the ride and take things as they come. Ask yourself “will this matter next week, month, year?” (Nicola Josephs, Principal People Science Consultant, London)
  17. Remember your purpose for doing this work. Purpose is a very powerful motivator. To stay motivated, energized, happy and more successful, I try to focus on the “purpose giving” elements of my work that are significant, meaningful, uplifting, and even beautiful – to me, my family, customers, coworkers, and all the other people who depend on me. (Rick Pollak, People Science Principal Consultant, New York)
  18. Say yes, a bit before you feel ready. As humans, we have a natural and constant need for growth, but opportunities to grow at work don’t always fall in your lap. Seek them out, find people you can grow with, and say yes to things just a bit before you feel ready to take them on – that's when the real growth happens. (Shubhang Dave, Head of People Science, EMEA & LATAM)
  19. Unfriend your inner critic. It's an open secret that we’re wired to be critical of ourselves, and we look for confirmation of that self-doubt around us. Build awareness around what triggers your own self-criticism so that you can reframe those derailing thoughts, fully embrace your strengths, and tune into the gratitude you receive from others. (Sonya Bedi, Senior People Scientist, London)
  20. Be an advocate for yourself and others. Be your own career advocate. Share your goals and needs openly and authentically with others so they may understand what brings you energy and where you hope to take your own career. More importantly, seek out opportunities to elevate the work of other people around you and support their goals. Celebrate their accomplishments, share their work in spaces they are not in, and identify opportunities that align with their strengths and career goals. When we create an environment where other people can bring their best selves to work and do their best work, we are all better together. (Stephanie Downey, Principal People Science Consultant, Dublin)
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