How to edit a link on a post

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Hi everyone! I needed to edit a Viva Engage post with a link. I thought it was successful, because the text link was updated. However, the embedded link (the one that's in a rectangular box showing the link title and some text + image on the left side) is still showing the old link. How do I edit this embedded link, too? Or even just delete it completely.

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@annac83 There's an X on the thumbnail. Is this what you're referring to?x.png

@Kevin Crossman Hi. Thanks for taking the time to answer. :smile: I don't see any x when I tried editing my post. It only allows me to edit text. I wanted to get rid of the box at the bottom of my post, the one that contains information about the linked page and also takes the user to that link when they click on it.

I am not sure exactly what's happening but at the bottom of this support article there are SOME limitations with edit post. Maybe that's the issues Edit your communications in Viva Engage - Microsoft Support

@annac83 I am having the exact same problem! Did you figure out a fix?