Universal Print Connector redundancy architecture

Universal Print Connector redundancy architecture



 May 05 2022
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We are running a large organization with branches sparse across the world. 

We're currently exploring Universal Print adoption however we noticed the vast majority of printers in our possess are not UP capable.

As a consequence of our findings we are therefore forced in deploying Universal Print Connectors we're hosting in Azure VMs  however it's a little bit inconvenient and not completely in line with the SaaS nature of Universal Print as we need to make redundant these VMs as when they go down ,for maintenance or any other reasons, UP services are not available to end-users.

I think we could make these UP connectors redundant having at least two UP VMS running behind a load balancer however I was wondering whether it could make sense and if it is possible to rely on VM scale-sets autoscaling according to metrics.

If possible it will be a step ahead in automating UP services in a more close to a set and forget it approach.

Grateful for your kind feedback 




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This is a duplicate of the following feature request. Please upvote the original feature request here: Connectors working together to provide High Availability - Microsoft Tech Community


@Giuseppe GARZONI , thank you for the context you provided. It is very helpful! Please add it as a comment in the original post.

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Thank you Rani_Abdellatif, I have upvoted the original feature request.

Needless to underline once again the fact that, unfortunately, a lot of printers we already deployed do not support  Universal Print , not even with a firmware upgrade although we recommend it, hence the UP connector becomes the weak ring of the chain as a temporary outage might potentially impact the service