Secure and Follow Me Printing

Secure and Follow Me Printing



 Mar 03 2020
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In progress: partner

Add the ability to queue up a print job and release it once you've walked to a printer via smartphone app or key fob if the printer supports it.

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This may be in the realm of a third-party like PaperCut.  PaperCut does support these features and they announced support for universal print too.

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This needs to be high up on the roadmap.

Been a show stopper for most other cloudprinting solutions.

Yes, but this is more for the print Hardware/multifunction device itself, and a lot of Support such functions as standard with the "normal" Drivers. (like secure print with PIN release at the device).

another needed function is the intergration to "real" print Management solution directly, a lot of These Solutions make nois at the market that they Support universal print, but nobody say at the Moment "how", because i think only install the Cloud print connector on the print Management Server, and "push" the Printer to the Cloud, is not a real Cloud print. :) 
I wait at the Moment for more insight, i contacted two third-party print Management solution Providers how they implement the universal print. i can let you know.

Status changed to: In progress: partner
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Also being able to add the pin for secure print and then when you go to the printer you enter your pin and then you get the document printed off.

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PIN for secure print is a must have. HR and Finance departments, especially, has they generally print sensitive documents. This is preventing me from rolling this out at the moment.

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I agree - this is a critical component of any print infrastructure

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Same for me, this will be considered a showstopper for moving to Universal print

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If this is going to work in production, it needs a pull print feature.

I know it's a bit hard with "old" printers ie. Canon printers, which have pull print via NT-Ware.


But printing in 2021 needs Pullprint.


If this is a plan for partners to provide - then please make an announcement of this.




Thomas Starup

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This should be a must have feature for the most of organization I think.

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yes, secured pull printing is a basic must have function.

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Do we know when we could expect this. Right now, universal print can't be used by us due to the lack of this critical feature.

Hi to all,

i think for the moment a secure pull print is only possible with a 3rd party integration/solution, because this also depends on the print devcie capabilities. If you need more details, i had some different solutions running, with MS uni print connection. 

just for a hint, a lot of 3rd party systems need still their own servers for running, and there are really only a few secure cloud pull print solutions available that need no own servers/infrastructure or small clients in your network...

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Any High level time line - when this feature will be released ?

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Printix says that they're doing this with their SaaS integration -- Printix & Universal Print by Microsoft | Printix

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@Corey Webb do you think that PIN printing should be a basic feature that's included? There's a lot of features missing from standard Windows print server, and MS is pushing this as a replacement for that, but now forcing 3rd parties to be involved at additional costs.

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