Secure and Follow Me Printing

Secure and Follow Me Printing



 Mar 03 2020
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Add the ability to queue up a print job and release it once you've walked to a printer via smartphone app or key fob if the printer supports it.

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This may be in the realm of a third-party like PaperCut.  PaperCut does support these features and they announced support for universal print too.

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This needs to be high up on the roadmap.

Been a show stopper for most other cloudprinting solutions.

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Yes, but this is more for the print Hardware/multifunction device itself, and a lot of Support such functions as standard with the "normal" Drivers. (like secure print with PIN release at the device).

another needed function is the intergration to "real" print Management solution directly, a lot of These Solutions make nois at the market that they Support universal print, but nobody say at the Moment "how", because i think only install the Cloud print connector on the print Management Server, and "push" the Printer to the Cloud, is not a real Cloud print. :) 
I wait at the Moment for more insight, i contacted two third-party print Management solution Providers how they implement the universal print. i can let you know.

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Also being able to add the pin for secure print and then when you go to the printer you enter your pin and then you get the document printed off.

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PIN for secure print is a must have. HR and Finance departments, especially, has they generally print sensitive documents. This is preventing me from rolling this out at the moment.

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I agree - this is a critical component of any print infrastructure

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Same for me, this will be considered a showstopper for moving to Universal print

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If this is going to work in production, it needs a pull print feature.

I know it's a bit hard with "old" printers ie. Canon printers, which have pull print via NT-Ware.


But printing in 2021 needs Pullprint.


If this is a plan for partners to provide - then please make an announcement of this.




Thomas Starup

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This should be a must have feature for the most of organization I think.

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yes, secured pull printing is a basic must have function.

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Do we know when we could expect this. Right now, universal print can't be used by us due to the lack of this critical feature.

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Hi to all,

i think for the moment a secure pull print is only possible with a 3rd party integration/solution, because this also depends on the print devcie capabilities. If you need more details, i had some different solutions running, with MS uni print connection. 

just for a hint, a lot of 3rd party systems need still their own servers for running, and there are really only a few secure cloud pull print solutions available that need no own servers/infrastructure or small clients in your network...

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Any High level time line - when this feature will be released ?

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Printix says that they're doing this with their SaaS integration -- Printix & Universal Print by Microsoft | Printix

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@Corey Webb do you think that PIN printing should be a basic feature that's included? There's a lot of features missing from standard Windows print server, and MS is pushing this as a replacement for that, but now forcing 3rd parties to be involved at additional costs.


Partners currently have solutions that run on Universal Print and support secure and follow me printing. For more information, please take a look at Partner Integrations - Universal Print | Microsoft Docs

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So only if we subscribe to Universal Print along with another third party service is a simple PIN to print Secure Job functionality possible? Is that what I'm understanding?

That is until we all migrate to Windows 11 as it's a native function there....

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It is also coming to Win10 21H2 - so no need to force the update to Win11

What’s new in Windows 11 for Universal Print - Microsoft Tech Community

"Some will see this as increased security, but we mostly think of this as functionality that will reduce paper and toner waste and offer users some privacy when printing. Print jobs will not go to waste on the printer. This capability will also come to Windows 10, version 21H2, which will be released later this year."

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This is a great idea and would like to see more of the features coming from the cloud.  Papercut has a solution, but you can't get to the finishing menu.  You can only select paper size with their offering.  And although Xerox has been claiming UP ready printers for almost a year, nothing is actually available yet.

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Agree with others-- releasing print jobs at the printer via PIN or other method is a must for HR & Finance & is the main thing keeping us from using UP now. Yes it is doable with third party--but it needs to be rolled into UP.

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Did it actually arrive in W10 21H2 as mentioned above?

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@Fraser893 - It did not.

According to this answer from @Saurabh_Bansal 2022-04-07 the feature is pending for W10:


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Thanks @AndreasAsander 


@Saurabh_Bansal Can you tell us when it will be available in W10? We need PIN or another form of Follow-me printing before we can commit to UP


@Fraser893 - There is no committed timeline, but we are targeting this quarter.


Having said that - for PIN release, 

  1. Are you using Universal Print ready printers?
  2. Check with Universal Print printer OEM if they support PIN with Universal Print already or where is it on their roadmap.

PIN release will work only for Universal Print ready printers.


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PriApps Print Management  offers the ability to release print jobs held in Universal Print at any print device, legacy and Universal Print ready printers.  Jobs can be released through a web browser, the PriApps Touch-Free and mobile apps, as well as via the control panel of supported MFPs & SFPs using a PIN or shortcode.


PriApps also offers Secure Print Release using ID cards and door access badges.

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Is follow me printing secure way of printing?
With end-to-end security,life jacket, FollowMe protects valuable data and enables users to share print devices securely, removing the need for desktop printers to maintain privacy.
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I definitely agree with that

A native support for postponed job release using smart phone or key fob is needed.

We use at this moment EOP but the policy of our organisation is get as much as we can from the O365 subscriptions.

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This is a feature is a must have, our printers are in shared areas and we print sensitive information which cannot print without the user authenticating in some manner. Currently using Papercut on Prem to manage our printing environment but want to modernize and utilize O365 where possible. 

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The ability to queue up a print job and release it via a smartphone app or key fob is a convenient feature that can save time and increase productivity. This feature is often referred to as "secure printing" or "pull printing." Here are the steps involved in implementing this feature:

  1. Install and configure the necessary software: To enable secure printing, you'll need to install software on both the print server and the client devices. The software should support the ability to queue up print jobs and release them via a smartphone app or key fob. There are many software options available, such as PaperCut, Equitrac, and Pharos.

  2. Set up the print queue: Create a print queue for secure printing and configure it to require authentication before releasing print jobs. You can set up the print queue on the print server and configure it to work with the secure printing software.

  3. Configure the smartphone app or key fob: The smartphone app or key fob should be configured to communicate with the print server and authenticate the user before releasing print jobs. The app or key fob should also be able to display the list of queued print jobs and allow the user to select which ones to release.

  4. Test the system: Once the software, print queue, and smartphone app or key fob are set up, test the system to ensure it's working correctly. Print a test document and try to release it via the app or key fob.

  5. Train users: Once the system is up and running, train users on how to use the secure printing feature. They should be able to queue up print jobs as they normally would, but instead of the job printing immediately, it will be held until they authenticate themselves via the app or key fob.

Overall, adding the ability to queue up a print job and release it via a smartphone app or key fob can be a valuable feature for organizations looking to streamline their printing processes and improve security.

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Dear all,

Because this also depends on the capabilities of the print device, I believe that at this time, a secure pull print can only be accomplished with a third-party integration or solution. If you require more information, I ran a number of different solutions using a Microsoft Uniprint connection.


Just as a tip, many third-party systems still require their own servers to function, and there are only a very limited number of secure cloud pull print solutions that don't require your own servers, infrastructure, or even small clients on your network.