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SAP ERP Lable printing

SAP ERP Lable printing



 Apr 22 2020
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Can we use Universal Printing solution to print labels directly from SAP ERP systems to remote off-site printers? This will help vendors/providers who are not on enterprise/corporate network but required to print.


@Udayabhanu2020 it depends on how Print is integrated with the SAP ERP system. We plan to have Microsoft Graph APIs that applications can call to send print jobs to Universal Print. 


For existing APIs you can find more information here -


Please note we are still in preview and adding more functionality. The current APIs are also subject to change.

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@Saurabh_Bansal, Thank you. As of now exploring the available options with existing API.


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Label printers for logistics labels from Business Central through Universal Print...  Additionally, while perhaps not the most central use case, many many cloud applications use label printers and Universal Print has the potential to remove the pain point of where the cloud meets the physical world.  Nurse stations, pharmacy,  laboratories of all types, logistics labels etc etc etc. 

Copper Contributor

Any update on this?