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Not for profit pricing model

Not for profit pricing model



 Nov 17 2021
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As a not for profit, we try and invest every dollar we can into provision of services for the benefit of people.  We do however recognise the value of technology in improving our service delivery, and universal Print is absolutely the solution we need for printing as we increasingly move our infrastructure into the cloud.

For us, the current pricing model is a major barrier to adoption - to the point where we currently just can't afford to do it.  We'd like to see a not for profit pricing model that better reflects NFP's capacity to fund 'nice to have' (but crucial) infrastructure services like UP - it will enable us to adopt new technology while maintaining our commitment to focusing our financial resources on people.


@Dave_Eggers - This is already supported. You can reach out to partners that offer non-profit pricing for relevant pricing of Universal Print. For more information check out - Microsoft 365 Nonprofit Solutions | Microsoft Nonprofits.


Once you have the non-profit pricing, please let us know if you have any further feedback.



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Hi team,


Yes - we can get non-profit pricing on Universal Print, but only on the 5 per-user monthly allocation.  Our users tend to print small runs, but fairly often - so most users are going to use their allocated volumes within the first week (sometimes the first day) of the month.  We'd need to purchase additional print volume licenses to be able to reliably print.

Larger volumes to not appear to be covered by NFP pricing - I can only see them on the Business tab of the Purchase services screen.  This seems to be confirmed by our local CSP distributor, who advise that NFP pricing on additional print volumes is not available.

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I'm also interested in non-profit pricing for Universal Print additional print volume.  We buy all of our subscription based licensing through the microsoft 365 admin portal, but Universal Print isn't available there to purchase from the non-profit section.  How can we get access to non-profit pricing for this? 



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This is a real issue since the per user license only gives you 5 print jobs User/Month and non profits tend to have much higher print volume than this.

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This pricing isn't just high for Non-profits - it's high for everyone.

$0.05/print after the first 5 prints - that's nearly 6 times what I pay my printer vendor for a fully supported machine to print a single page.



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I see Universal Print add-on packs are now showing up on the Microsoft Nonprofit Purchase Services portal - but they are the same price as Business?


Is there any plan to actually offer a discount for Nonprofits for Universal Print?


@Dave_Eggers - thanks for the reminder :)


As far as I understand, for discounted pricing you will need to go through a partner who sells non-profit licenses. Here is the link for more information:

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@Saurabh_Bansal  - it just seems a little odd that I can find the product on our Nonprofit purchase tab, but Nonprofit pricing isn't applied.  The last time I asked my partners to find Universal Print add-on pack non-profit pricing, they said it wasn't available.  Now that it's showing on the Nonprofit purchase product tab, perhaps it is - but I'm not sure why we can't purchase directly through that online channel.  As a registered charity, we can do that for all our Office licenses?  It makes purchasing licenses SO much easier than having to contact our partner each time we want something that requires no support :)


@Dave_Eggers - I have to confess that I am not very familiar with the commerce experiences :).


I have raised this with the team involved. The non-profit offers were added to web-direct but it seems there may be a problem with the price. They are looking into it. Unfortunately, it will take a little more time (order of weeks to a few months) to get things in order.


Hopefully you can work with your channel partner in the meantime.

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@Saurabh_Bansal Many thanks for following this up - appreciate it :)

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Any update on this request? Thank you!

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I got this reply, but I am not sure why it is not posted here. Will double check with Microsoft Non-Profit and see if it is available. Thank you.

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I had a ticket open back in July to get non-profit pricing listed and it showed up in August.

Mine now shows:




Thats awesome @BillHealy . Just one caveat - your screenshot is EDU price and not non-profit. Non-profit pricing may be different.