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Move printer

Move printer



 Apr 06 2020
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Not planned

Add the possibility to move printers between connectors.


Thanks for the request. Will you please describe the scenario where this feature is needed and what the behavior you expect is.

Brass Contributor

As an example, you will need this feature if the computer running the connector goes down or will be taken down, and you install the connector on a new computer. Then you would need to move the printers to a new connector. This way the users will not need to reinstall printers, and you will not need to do all the confiurations again. 

This could work if you add a feature in the connector software where you can search for another printer associated to the same tennant and located on another connector where you can select transfer. From there the new connector creates a printer and you will be prompted to install the printerdrivers if they are not installed.


Using the share swapping feature, a printer could be moved from one connector to another without impacting the printer share installed on end-user devices. 

There's an example of a similar operation at


Most of the steps (everything but printer registration) could be automated using PowerShell and printbrm.exe.