Allow multiple queues for the same printer

Allow multiple queues for the same printer



 Jun 16 2020
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Looking into it

I would like to be able to deploy multiple print queues for the same printer. This will allow the different queue to have different default settings. e.g. One colour and one black or different default trays.

Status changed to: In progress
Status changed to: Looking into it
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We need this feature, colour printing costs so much, most printing is BW, most software defaults to print documents in colour even if the document is only BW


@dands_andy If you sent the default to BW in the Universal Print admin portal, does the client printing still default to Colour?  I understand that users can always manually choose colour since the printer reports that it can support colour.  Or is your feature request for one queue to always be BW and another queue to the same physical printer to be colour?

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We have a need to print from different printer trays. We would like to setup one print queue to print from Tray 2 and another to print from tray 3. 


We can't currently do this. 

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