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Alert when Remaining Print Jobs (licenses) reaches threshold

Alert when Remaining Print Jobs (licenses) reaches threshold



 Dec 08 2021
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It would be convenient and reassuring if there could be a way to monitor or set an alert to the Remaining Print Jobs value on the Usage and Reports section.




For eg.

An email alert to users who are Global or Printer Administrators when 5% of the licenses remain.

The ability for an admin to change the variables of recipients and threshold would also be nice in this scenario.


Another example could be setting "Remaining Print Jobs" as a get value directly from a Powershell command or other type of API call or log value which would help to integrate with other monitoring solutions.


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Any updates or timeframe when this feature is to be implemented?

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This feature would be very handy indeed. We recently run out of remaining print jobs. We had to wait for 10k Universal Print addon to be procured, causing severe impact to the business.

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Has anyone found another way to monitor print jobs? This is really a must have.

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@Paul_Oakley the only options for now are to scrape it from the portal, or do a manual check I'm afraid. It doesn't update in real time (it updates quite rarely actually, feels like once a day), so I opted for checking it manually for now.