Select Universal Print Beta APIs to be removed July 1, 2021

Published Apr 15 2021 12:07 PM 1,717 Views

As we continue to evolve the Universal Print Microsoft Graph API, we’ve changed and replaced some API endpoints and data models to refine the way apps and services interact with the Universal Print platform. 

Additionally, all Universal Print APIs now require permission scopes. The documentation for each API endpoint lists permission scopes that grant access. 

For a full list of available permissions, see the Universal Print permissions section of the Microsoft Graph permissions reference. Delegated permissions grant capabilities on behalf of the user currently logged in, and application permissions grant permissions that can access the data of all users in a tenant. 

What you need to know

These changes may break any applications and services that rely on the Beta version of Microsoft Graph. If your application is running in production and relies on the Universal Print Microsoft Graph API, we recommend using v1.0 which will never have breaking changes. 

Time to take action

Please review the API usage of your applications and ensure that you are not relying on any of the deprecated endpoints. Removal of deprecated endpoints will begin on July 1, 2021. 

To see the list of deprecated and changed APIs, see the Microsoft Graph Changelog. Use the filtering controls to select the following options: 

  • Versions: beta
  • Change type: “Change” and “Deletion” 
  • Services: Devices and apps > Cloud printing 

Learn more

To learn more about Universal Print, visit out the Universal Print site.


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